Wednesday, March 21, 2012


           NCIS was introduced to me about a year after they previewed. NCIS has become my favorite show.  As you watch the show you can feel the family in the team. It's intersting how the show can be serious yet dramatic and funny.

           Som of the episodes before Jennifer Sheppard was killed you can see the family in the show.
You have Leroy Jethro Gibbs, the father that keeps the children in line and helps his children after the mother dies. Jennifer Sheppard, the mother that divorced the father but still has feelings for him when they meet again. Tony DiNozzo, the annonying older brother that nows every genera movie.  Timothy McGee, techy brother that trys to make up for his older brothers lack of responsibility. Ziva David, the new sister that still learning the ropes and new techniques, also trying to learn that there's more then just work and a team.  Abigail Scuito, the favorite of the sibilings, hipper and energetic little sister. James Palmer, the new brother that is just getting used to all the drama and family feeling that comes with his new job as M.E. assistant.

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