Thursday, March 15, 2012

My brothers: Abe and Victor

I have three brothers. Cris, Victor and Abe. Cris lives somewhere in Chicago. and my other brothers live here in the Quad Cities. Although I don't see Cris anymore. Abe and Victor are enough to fill the void which is good enough for me!!!!!!! They are annoy and helpful. Abe is good with computers and techy stuff and victor is more of a machine based stuff. It all works out best for me because then if I have something thats broke down or won't work then I go to my brothers.

At least we can be together long enough not to want to shut the other up or shove each other in a trash can...personally I'd shove one on a train to start his life!!!!!! When I have some thing that goes wrong I know that my older brothers and sister have my back and can help me out. I love them for who they are and nothing will change that.

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